LeveragePoint: Where Timing and Experience Meet


LeveragePoint Life Coaching was developed by Jay Knotts after 21 years of counseling both in the public and private sector. Understanding that his passion is to help "coach up" those around him, Jay saw the need for one on one interaction between individuals, corporate teams and athletes who want to get to that next level of success. While traditional counseling tends to focus on the deep processes of why we are where we are, Life Coaching focuses on how to change our perspective, attitudes and beliefs in the present and future to unleash our potential as people, teams and groups.

Anyone who knows Jay will soon understand that he has truly found his passion. While working as a counselor, pastor, finance officer and golf instructor one commonality was always present. Jay was "coaching up" whomever he was working with. 

In today's busy world of constant change, it is most helpful to have a coach and confidant who can remain the same. Jay works with people across the world primarily on the phone, via video or tele-conference or email, but is also available for in person coaching at our place or yours. 

If the feelings described below describe your current state, or if you simply believe you could use some life coaching, reach out today!

-Experiencing a high level of success and want it to continue and grow?

-You are in a major transition time and need coaching through it?  Need some help discovering your core identity, the destination you seek and the path to get there?

-Having a hard time focusing on what is important at work, in a relationship or with others?

-Has grief paralyzed you or has loss in any form come into your life and you can't seem to move forward (death of loved one or pet, loss of job, divorce, failed friendship)

-Are you an athlete who needs to break through or perhaps you have broken through and need to stay on top?